WGMWG (now WIMN) Meets in Istanbul, 2015
WIMN members at AWID 2016 - Bahia, Brazil

Points on Gender & Migration for UN Global Compact on Migration

Women in Migration Network Contribution to the Fifteenth Coordination Meeting on International Migration, UNHQ, New York, 16-17 February, 2017

These points are a contribution to preparations for the UN Global Compact on Migration, to be negotiated by member states by 2018, with broad multi-stakeholder input.

English:  WIMNone-pagerFebruary2017onGlobalCompact

Spanish, French versions pending

WIMN Civil Society Days 2016 Recommendations

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WIMN at Global Forum on Migration & Development 2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Key Gender & Migration Points Towards the Global Compact on Migration

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Protecting Migrant Domestic Workers: The international legal framework at a glance

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WIMN Delegation Converges in Brazil at AWID Forum

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Conoce a las Mujeres Migrantes en Su Ruta Africana: Asedidadas y Sin Derechos

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Spain: Constitutional Court Ruling On Exclusion of Undocumented Migrants From Health Services Ignores Human Rights Obligations

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Trail of Fears: Central American Women Risk Sexual Violence En Route to U.S. for “a Better Life”

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Initial Elements for Outcome to UNGA Sept. 19 Summit on Refugees and Migrants

Initial Elements for the Outcome Document to the United Nations General Assembly Summit for Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants (Sept. 19) The Women in Migration Network (WIMN) welcomes the initiative of the UN Secretary General, the … [Continue reading]