Latin America Advocates Free Movement at GCM

At the meeting for the Latin American regional consultation for the Global Compact on Migration, there were calls for the inclusion of free movement in the Global Compact. Many at the meeting said that there were pleased to be able to discuss the issue of migration at such a high level in the UN because it is often ignored or misconstrued by those with a xenophobic agenda.

The participants also discussed the push factors that create migration. They argued that more needs to be done to address poverty and violence in the region if they are to tackle root causes of migration. Many delegates also pointed out that destinations countries should recognise the benefits migrants bring to their economies. 

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Regional Input for the Global Compact on Migration

In the lead up to the UN Global Compact on Migration, the Women in Migration Network is seeking input from women in all regions in order to better understand the specific realities faced by women in migration across the world and to formulate policy recommendations.  We want to hear the urgent concerns of women in migration (in home, transit, destination and return countries) and specific policy recommendations.  What policy would improve the lives and fulfill the human rights of women in migration?

Please submit your comments by September 30, 2017. These will be integrated into a document to be shared with UN member states at the December intergovernmental “synthesis” meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico, and in 2018 negotiations on the Global Compact in New York.  

We look forward to hearing from you! 


Our documents

WIMN’s statement on the Global Compact on Migration here in English, French, and Spanish.

Issue Briefs:

  1. General Concerns. Spanish.
  2. Women’s Agency
  3. Push Factors
  4. Racial Discrimination and Xenophobia
  5. Regularisation
  6. Criminalisation & Firewalls
  7. Trafficking
  8. Smuggling
  9. Borders & Detention
  10. Labor Migration


Mediterranean Migration Talks in Paris

On Monday, European and African leaders met in Paris to discuss their plans to reduce migration across the Mediterranean.  European leaders from France, Germany, Italy and Spain met with the heads of state from Libya, Niger and Chad to try and formulate a new policy on curbing migration. After the meeting Macron summarised the main talking points of the meeting as stopping smugglers, stabilising Libya and increasing aid to transit countries. It is understood that Macron also wants asylum requests to be dealt with in the African states to try and decrease the numbers crossing the Mediterranean. 

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