Mediterranean Migration Talks in Paris

On Monday, European and African leaders met in Paris to discuss their plans to reduce migration across the Mediterranean.  European leaders from France, Germany, Italy and Spain met with the heads of state from Libya, Niger and Chad to try and formulate a new policy on curbing migration. After the meeting Macron summarised the main talking points of the meeting as stopping smugglers, stabilising Libya and increasing aid to transit countries. It is understood that Macron also wants asylum requests to be dealt with in the African states to try and decrease the numbers crossing the Mediterranean. 

For the full story and updates read this Guardian article.

UN Representative on Gender-Inclusive GCM

Ms. Louise Arbour, UN Special Representative for International Migration, has called for a gender-responsive and human rights-based Global Compact on migration.  Ms. Arbour made the remarks via video, addressing a forum organized by UN Women and the Women in Migration Network in Berlin, 30 June, 2017 on  Strategic Approaches for a Gender- Responsive Global Compact for Migration.  The event was held as a side event at the Tenth Global Forum for Migration and Development, Common Space.   Ms. Arbour congratulated UN Women and all experts who contributed to the “important and concrete” Recommendations for addressing women’s human rights in the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration.

“Changing the lens through which we look at migration is a pre-requisite for success of the Global Compact and we should start by elevating the focus on women and girls that have too long been neglected in migration debates,” said Ms. Arbour.

“The expression ‘women and children’ is often a way to portray them as vulnerable and in need of protection from men, ignoring the reality that women, men, girls and boys all have specific needs and vulnerabilities,” she observed.

“We need a new narrative that looks at women in migration as rights-holders, agents of development, and most importantly, leaders, that bring dynamism, motivation and cultural richness to societies…It’s now time to integrate a strong gender-equality perspective into migration governance,” she affirmed.

View Ms. Arbour’s four minute presentation here.

As the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for International Migration, Ms. Arbour is responsible for working with Member States, in partnership with other stakeholders, as they develop a first-ever global compact on safe, orderly and regular migration.  She leads United Nations advocacy efforts on international migration, provides policy advice and coordinates the engagement of United Nations entities on migration issues.

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GFMD Rapporteur Makes Recommendations

The Civil Society Days of the Global Forum on Migration and Development closed on 30 June with a day of strategy and recommendations for the Global Compact on Migration.  Carolina Gottardo of the Women in Migration Network, the Women Rapporteur,  addressed the plenary.  She assessed key issues on women in migration that had been raised during the CSD as well as recommendations for the Global Compact.

Gottardo quoted the UN Special Representative Louise Arbour , who said that “the Global Compact should aim to promote the best interest of women as women themselves define what is their best interest, and promote empowerment and leadership of women.”  Arbour spoke about elevating the focus of women and girls that has been too far neglected and securing a gender responsive Compact.

In her remarks, Gottardo lifted up the UN Women Recommendations on addressing the human rights of women in the Global Compact of Migration.  She called on civil society to use its power in the Global Compact process, not only aiming for what seems possible (potentially undermining existing standards), but aiming for strong human rights and gender responsive commitments.  This must be done with significant input from migrant-led groups, regional civil society groups, migrant women organisations and migrant women themselves, with a diversity of opinions from civil society.

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WIMN members at GFMD 2017 WIMN representatives at the Civil Society Days- Global Forum on Migration and Development, including Women Rapporteur Carolina Gottardo, second from left.