Trail of Fears: Central American Women Risk Sexual Violence En Route to U.S. for “a Better Life”

Investigation by Maria Zamudio | Photos by Jack Jones TENOSIQUE, Mexico — For five agonizing days, they’ve waited, collected in a shelter near the railroad tracks, near their path from a life they no longer can endure. It’s Friday evening just before sunset when “LaBestia” (the Beast), the famous freight line that connects Mexico from […]

Aiding Central America’s “Women on the Run”

By issuing tourist and humanitarian visas to migrants, the Mexican government could begin to move past the failures of U.S.-backed border militarization. [Jan. 7, 2016] Published on NACLA ( This is the fourth and final article in NACLA’s multi-part series on migration in the Americas. (Read the other parts here [3], here [4], and here [5]). […]

Detained Migrants Were Allegedly Abused, Neglected, and Traumatized

By Esther Yu-Hsi Lee A 14-year-old Guatemalan migrant is left stranded in a wooded area in Mexico after the freight train she was traveling on had a minor derailment. Credit: Rebecca Blackwell/AP After she arrived at an immigrant detention facility, a Guatemalan woman who sought out medical care for an ear injury and extreme pain […]

How the U.S. ‘Solved’ the Central American Migrant Crisis

By getting Mexico to do its dirty work—and making migrants more vulnerable to rape, kidnapping, and murder. By Joseph Sorrentino / In These Times La Bestia is running empty now. For years, the freight trains collectively known as “The Beast” carried Central American migrants north through Mexico on their quest to reach the U.S. border, […]

ICE frees some migrant women, children; DHS chief says he’ll visit Texas facility

A group of immigrants from Honduras and El Salvador who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally are loaded on to a van in Granjeno, Texas on June 25, 2014. Federal officials released in the past day a half-dozen mothers and children who had been detained at a south Texas detention where they were held after fleeing […]