Protecting Migrant Domestic Workers: The international legal framework at a glance

This report is published by the International Labor Organization (ILO) through its Global Action Programme on Migrant Domestic Workers and Their Families. From the Summary: Worldwide, an estimated 67 million people over the age of 15 are domestic workers. Of those, 83 per cent are women. Among the world’s domestic workers, many millions have migrated from […]

Five Years of Progress for Domestic Workers, But Much Still to be Done

In the five years since the International Labour Organization adopted Convention 189 on Domestic Workers, governments in nearly 50 countries have updated their legislation to provide better employment protection for domestic workers, and 22 countries have already ratified the Convention. An estimated 15 million workers now have improved rights and protections at work, included the […]

Threatened, assaulted, trapped: Asia’s treatment of domestic workers laid bare

by Bex Wright Hong Kong (CNN) “The first time she hit me was pay day; she told me to sign my name on a piece of paper, but I asked, ‘why should I sign when you didn’t give me the money?’ Then, she hit me.” A 30-year-old Indonesian domestic worker, who now calls herself Susi, […]

The Feminization of Migration: Care and the New Emotional Imperialism (excerpt)

Excerpt from an article by Zuhal Yesilyurt Gündüz in Monthly Review; full article available to Questia subscribers “Even though it’s paid well, you are sinking in the amount of your work It [is] also very depressing. The only thing you can do is give all your love to [the two-year-old American child]. In my absence […]

Female migration: recalling past struggle, challenges for future

by Md Ansar Uddin Anas Since its inception in 1976, international migration is playing an important role in the national economy of Bangladesh. Recent studies on migration have also captured the impact of migration on poverty alleviation and job creation in the rural Bangladesh. According to Bangladesh Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET) database, […]

Migrant women workers increasingly unsafe

by Amrit Paudyal Kathmandu, June 28: The need for equipping women heading for foreign employment with training on different skill sets for securing their profession and destination was emphasized on Sunday. At an interaction organized jointly by Foreign Employment Promotion Board and Media Mobilization for Sustainable Development, the concerned stakeholders pointed out that majority of […]

The unstoppable domestic workers’ movement: winning labour rights and protections for 15 million domestic workers

Español: haga clic aquí Français: cliquez ici In the past few years a political and moral shift has occurred among growing numbers of political leaders which has secured rights and protections for 15 million domestic workers today. Their lives have improved by shifting away from unprotected and exploitative jobs to ones protected by labour laws. […]