WGMWG Plays Active Role in Civil Society Days, GFMD 2015

Civil Society Days — GFMD Rapporteur on Women’s Final Report
Press Release: On Eve of International Forum on Migration and Development…

The Women & Global Migration Working Group (WGMWG) will play an active role at the Civil Society Days (CSD-GFMD) in Istanbul, 12-14 October, as presenters and advocates.  Gender rapporteurs will monitor all of the activities and make specific recommendations. Programme Schedule

WGMWG has contributed the “Bridge” Document on Women in Migration to the Civil Society Days of the GFMD (English Version). This explores each of the four central themes from a gender perspective, making specific recommendations.  In addition, two-page handouts serve as advocacy tools for both Civil Society and governments. Click to View

The Working Group will host a caucus on Women in Migration and several members will have the opportunity for an in-depth conversation with five governments regarding the rights of Women in Migration– those who migrate; those who remain at home when other family members migrate; and those who seek the choice to remain at home.

Visit our Facebook page (Women and Global Migration Working Group) for updates on the deliberations.