WIMN calls for human mobility, migrant women’s human rights in climate deliberations and action plans

As COP26 concludes in Glasgow, Scotland, the Women in Migration Network calls on governments to undertake bold, inclusive action to tackle the climate crisis, and reaffirms the need for an intersectional strategy encompassing migrant, women and human rights-centered responses.

WIMN’s statement reads in part:

“Whether in combatting the pandemic, or in addressing climate change, gender and migration must be included as essential, cross-cutting elements in strategy, policy development and action planning. WIMN joins with our partners, colleagues, and communities in urging COP26 to:

  • Bring human mobility, human rights, and protections to all COP26 deliberations on mitigation, adaptation, loss and damage, and financing—urging attention to those at risk for displacement, already displaced, to be relocated, and in vulnerable situations–and with a consistent gender lens throughout.
  • Be especially mindful and inclusive of those put in precarious situations due to poverty, various forms of discrimination, residence and work in areas affected by or vulnerable to climate-related factors and events—such as sudden onset disasters or slow onset changes like sea level rise—and who may be affected by migration status, including the stateless.
  • Ensure that across adaptation and loss and damage measures, policies to avert, minimize and address displacement are operationalized in a way that is gender-responsive, inclusive, and contributes to building resilience among affected populations.
  • Where displacement has already occurred, internally or across international borders, ensure immediate action for relief, safety, and access to services for all—include options for international protections, as well as forward-looking access to safe, orderly and regular migration; decent work; social protections; and opportunities for durable solutions, including permanent residency.”

Read and download the entire statement here.