Heroes, Victims, or Slaves? Workers! A new report from GAATW

Strengthening migrant and trafficked women’s rights to inclusive re/integration in Southeast Asia and Europe


GAATW, the Global Alliance Against Traffick in Women and a member of WIMN, has published a new report based on qualitative interviews with 329 migrant workers – 312 women and 17 men – in eight countries: the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom. The interviews were conducted between March 2021 and March 2022.

Download the report here.

Following up on this report, GAATW also recently conducted a consultation in Berlin — expanding beyond the European countries that had been part of the research project — with other network organizations to examine the barriers to socioeconomic inclusion for migrant women in Europe and give an opportunity to discuss the advocacy priorities of each organization. 

To build on the findings of the research, GAATW and Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute (OPLE Center) recently convened another consultation involving 18 civil society organisations seven countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam). They discussed  the effectiveness of reintegration programmes and what policymakers and civil society can do to better meet the needs of returnee migrant women workers. Read more about the outcomes of the consultation here.

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