About Us


WIMN promotes women’s human rights at the center of all migration and development policy. Our network recognizes the intersectionality of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, migration status, disability, and national origin. WIMN convenes organizations and activists to expand rights-centered policies that prioritize the interests of diverse women and families affected by migration around the world.


WIMN envisions a world where women in migration claim their universal human rights, and act as agents of change in shaping a just and equitable world. We understand that migration impacts women who move within and across borders as well as women who remain at home when family members leave. WIMN strives to defend the rights of migrant women, promote a gendered and deep analysis of migration and its root causes, and promote and support the organizing and empowerment of women in migration.

Our priority advocacy points include:

  • Workers’ rights must be gender-sensitive with full and equal rights for women in origin and destination countries.
  • An end to the criminalization, arbitrary detention and deportation of migrants.
  • Full access, regardless of immigrant status, to public health, including sexual and reproductive health, and other critical public services, as well as civil and human rights protections.
  • An end to all forms of discrimination, racism, and xenophobia towards migrant women, in all their diversity.
  • An end to gender-based violence.
  • Demilitarization of borders and respect of women’s human rights in transit and at borders.
  • Family unity, recognition of LGBTQ families, and ensure that women’s migration status is not dependent on a spouse.
  • Genuine gender-sensitive development must put people and nature at the center, deliver economic and social human rights, and make migration a choice, not a necessity.
  • The uplifting of gender-specific migration policy, including data, research, education, funding, and legislation.


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For more information, please contact us at wimninfo@womeninmigration.org.