No Borders to Equality: Global Mapping of Organizations Working on Gender and Migration

Rising inequalities around the world, now exacerbated by the global coronavirus pandemic, heighten the need for strong, independent civil society–driven efforts to ensure rights-based and gender-responsive national and regional migration policies. To begin to address this challenge, the Women in Migration Network (WIMN) partnered with the Friedrich-Ebert- Stiftung (FES) to globally map organizations addressing the intersection of gender and migration.

During 2020, we were able to identify hundreds of organizations that work on the front-lines accompanying women in migration in these challenging times of the pandemic. We conducted an online mapping survey of more than three hundred organizations and networks and interviewed nineteen key movement leaders and organizations addressing the rights of women in migration at the local, national, regional, and global levels.

The result of this process is the report No Borders to Equality: Global Mapping of Organizations Working on Gender and Migration. It provides an analysis of the realities of women in migration and of those organizations working with them in different regions (Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Americas). It also identifies common challenges faced by civil society organizations and proposes recommendations for strategy and organizing.

Beyond the valuable information revealed in this study, we expect this process to provide the foundations for strengthening connections among organizations working for migrant rights with a gender perspective and bringing a migrant rights perspective to those groups working in other sectors, including women’s rights, labor rights, climate justice, development, and democratization.

The report was formally launched on March 1, 2021, during two interactive online events, one focused on Asia to accommodate time zones, and a second session with a global focus. If you missed the launch, you can learn more about the project by downloading a PDF of the powerpoint shown during the launch event.

In addition to the report, an interactive website has been set up that features a data visualization tool and a global map of organizations working on gender and migration.

Download the report, No Borders to Equality (full color version) (black and white version)

Download the Executive Summary: (English) (Spanish – Resumen Ejectivo) (French – Resume Operationnel)

Visit the No Borders to Equality website:

Addressing the Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Women Migrant Workers (UN Women)

UN Women has published a new Guidance Note, Addressing the Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Women Migrant Workers:

“Women migrant workers around the world are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. They work in essential but low-paid and vulnerable jobs, as health and care workers, nurses, cleaners and laundry workers, placing them at high risk of exposure to coronavirus. Women migrant workers already have to grapple with multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination and inequalities, gender-specific restrictions in migration policies, insecure forms of labour, racism, and xenophobia.”

Download the PDF file here.

View more resources on the impact of Covid-19, especially as it relates to gender, on the UN Women website.

WIMN Briefing Documents – Civil Society Days – GFMD, Quito 2020

WIMN has prepared documents on several themes under discussion during the Civil Society Days (CSD) and the Global Forum on Migration & Development (GFMD) in Quito, Ecuador,  January 2020. These briefing papers describe the migration issue, the “gender dimension” of each issue, WIMN’s recommendations, and the international policies that are relevant to each of the issues.

WIMN members will be participating in several events in Ecuador in addition to the CSD and GFMD. This includes:


Click on each document – in English and in Spanish to read and download:

Provide Safe Access to Services for ALL Migrants

End Criminalization of Migrants & Those Who Assist Them

Ensure Rights for All in Mixed Migration Flows

Defend the Rights of all Migrant Workers

Bridging the Climate Crisis, Gender & Migration

Promote Safe Migration Pathways & Regularization

Build a Rights-Based, Anti-Racist Narrative on Migration