Addressing the Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Women Migrant Workers (UN Women)

UN Women has published a new Guidance Note, Addressing the Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Women Migrant Workers:

“Women migrant workers around the world are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. They work in essential but low-paid and vulnerable jobs, as health and care workers, nurses, cleaners and laundry workers, placing them at high risk of exposure to coronavirus. Women migrant workers already have to grapple with multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination and inequalities, gender-specific restrictions in migration policies, insecure forms of labour, racism, and xenophobia.”

Download the PDF file here.

View more resources on the impact of Covid-19, especially as it relates to gender, on the UN Women website.

WIMN Briefing Documents – Civil Society Days – GFMD, Quito 2020

WIMN has prepared documents on several themes under discussion during the Civil Society Days (CSD) and the Global Forum on Migration & Development (GFMD) in Quito, Ecuador,  January 2020. These briefing papers describe the migration issue, the “gender dimension” of each issue, WIMN’s recommendations, and the international policies that are relevant to each of the issues.

WIMN members will be participating in several events in Ecuador in addition to the CSD and GFMD. This includes:


Click on each document – in English and in Spanish to read and download:

Provide Safe Access to Services for ALL Migrants

End Criminalization of Migrants & Those Who Assist Them

Ensure Rights for All in Mixed Migration Flows

Defend the Rights of all Migrant Workers

Bridging the Climate Crisis, Gender & Migration

Promote Safe Migration Pathways & Regularization

Build a Rights-Based, Anti-Racist Narrative on Migration

The Marrakech Women’s Rights Manifesto

From a caravan of families crossing Mexico to raids in northern Morocco; from new fences being constructed in Europe to the exclusion of refugees in Australia; from people displaced by climate-related weather to those fleeing violence—migrants and refugees are in the news, and half of them are women who face particular challenges.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to demand that migrant women’s rights and leadership be put at the center of the migration debates and policies that hold sway over their lives. On 10-11 December, governments met in Marrakech to adopt the Global Compact for Migration, the first-ever international agreement on migration management. Women in Migration Network and Oxfam International led the development of the Marrakech Women’s Rights Manifesto, gathering hundreds of endorsements for organizations and advocates around the world, and shared the manifesto with world leaders, and through an active media campaign, to supporters around the world. We demanded that migrant women be put at the center of migration policy, now and going forward!

Read the Marrakech Women’s Rights Manifesto (English version) here.

See below for versions in Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, and Mandarin.

The GCM promised to be “gender-responsive” and “a milestone in the history of the global dialogue and international cooperation on migration.” However, this will only be possible if women’s human rights, international labor standards and crucial principles are fully incorporated into all national, regional and global migration policy. That will depend on all of us!

Click here to read the background document, Women’s Rights in Global Migration Policy


Co-organizers: Women in Migration Network (WIMN) and Oxfam International


Apoya el Manifiesto de Marrakech por los Derechos de las Mujeres [Spanish]

Appuie le Manifeste de Marrakech pour les Droits des Femmes [French]


Поддержите Марракешский Манифест Прав Женщин [Russian]

أيّد بيان حقوق المرأة بمراكش [Arabic]

Background Document – Women’s Rights in Global Migration Policy:

Antecedentes: los Derechos de las Mujeres en la Política Migratoria Global [Spanish]

Les droits des femmes dans les politiques migratoires mondiales [French]

背景:全球移民政策下妇女权利问题 [Mandarin]

Короткая информационная справка: Права женщин в международной миграционной политике [Russian]

: ﺣﻘوق اﻟﻣرأة اﻟﯾﺎﺳﺔ اﻟﺎﻟ ﻟﻠﮭﺟرة [Arabic]