Catherine Tactaquin: Better Policy Empowering Women

Catherine Tactaquin, Executive Director of the US National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and a member of the Women in Migration Network steering committee is featured in an interview by Open Democracy in preparation for International Women’s Day, How can better policy empower women on the move?
Women experience migration differently than men do, and with the right policies, that can be a source of empowerment more than a source of risk.

Points on Gender & Migration for GCM

Women in Migration Network Contribution to the Fifteenth Coordination Meeting on International Migration, UNHQ, New York, 16-17 February, 2017

These points are a contribution to preparations for the UN Global Compact on Migration, to be negotiated by member states by 2018, with broad multi-stakeholder input.

English:  WIMNone-pagerFebruary2017onGlobalCompact

Spanish, French versions pending

WIMN Civil Society Days 2016 Recommendations

The Women in Migration Network has developed a set of recommendations for each of the thematic areas of the Civil Society Days/ Global Forum on Migration and Development 2016.  These provide resources for civil society deliberations during the CSD/GFMD and beyond, and accompany the Women’s Bridging Document of the Civil Society Days.  See Recommendations below.

Gender & Migration Analysis

CSD Thematic Areas

Theme 1: Doing Protection of Migrant Workers

Rights of Migrant Women Workers

Theme 2: Doing protection of migrants on the move

Migrants on the Move

Theme 3: Doing inclusive development

Inclusive Development

Theme 4: Doing global governance better

Global Governance