Hundreds of organizations working on women and international migration around the world (grouped regionally in Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, and the Americas) were identified and asked to respond to a broad online survey from July to September 2020; 315 organizations participated.

The survey identified the profile of the organizations (self-organized and grassroots organizations, NGOs, networks, etc.); their sector (migration rights, labor, women’s rights, climate change, etc.); their priorities and the needs of the women and girls in the context of migration. The survey also sought information on the most urgent needs due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, and how organizations are responding to the pandemic.

Secondly, a round of nineteen in-depth interviews, evenly distributed among regions, was conducted to complement the assessment of the different regional realities. Finally, the information gathered in both the online survey and the in-depth interviews was compiled and analyzed for the report, "No borders to equality".

Much rich statistical information from the survey was not included in the report, but does enhance our understanding of the groups and regions. Thus, we offer the interactive data visualization tool, where data gathered in the survey can be visualized at global, regional or sub-regional levels.

Furthermore, the interactive map provides the geo-localization of those organizations working on gender and migration that were identified during the mapping project (after due authorization).

No Borders To Equality

Global Mapping of Organizations
Working on Gender and Migration