Documents for the Global Compact on Migration

In preparation for the Global Compact on Migration, the Women in Migration Network has compiled some key advocacy points and ten Issue Briefs, highlighting key concerns and recommendations for a strong, human rights based and gender-responsive Global Compact.

As we participate in the various regional and thematic meetings, our members’ contributions can also be found on this page. 

What is the GCM?

The latest update to the Global Compact for Migration (June 29, 2018): GCM Draft Rev 3

WIMN’s statement on the Global Compact on Migration here in English, French, and Spanish.

Issue Briefs

  1. General Concerns. Spanish.
  2. Women’s Agency
  3. Push Factors
  4. Racial Discrimination and Xenophobia
  5. Regularisation
  6. Criminalisation & Firewalls
  7. Trafficking
  8. Smuggling
  9. Borders & Detention
  10. Labor Migration


First Thematic Session – Monami Maulik’s statement and Paola Cyment’s statement

Third Thematic Session –  Carolina Gottardo’s statement

Fourth Thematic Session – Neha Misra’s statement